Cell biology and engineering
  • Biology of stem cells, biophysical mechanisms of regulation of stem cell proliferation and differentiation
  • Development of biomedical cell products on the base of the stem and somatic cells with the purpose of treatment and medical precaution of disease in surgery, stomatology, ophthalmology, combustiology, urology, traumatology, neurology, and cosmetology
  • Bioprinting of tissues and organs
  • Deriving induced pluripotent stem cells and studying its biological characteristics
  • Somatic genome editing
  • Cell engineering of bio objects (plants, microalgae) with the aim of creation of new valuable producers at the organismic, tissue and cellular levels
  • Maintenance and supplementation of the biobank of certified human, animal, plant and microalgae cell lines for use in the field of immunology, pharmacology, immunopharmacology, oncology, virology
Molecular, membrane and cell biophysics
  • Biophysical mechanisms of formation and functioning of molecular-membrane structures of the cell
  • Biophysical and biochemical mechanisms of adaptive responses of human, animal, and plant cells on the impact of biotic and abiotic factors at the membrane, cellular, organismic and coenobitic levels
  • Molecular and membrane mechanisms development of the pathological state of the organism, studying of etiopathogenesis of the disease
  • Nanotoxicology and nanomedicine, mechanisms of target gene therapy with the use of nanomaterials (dendrimers) and early diagnosis of disease using nanoparticles
  • Metallomics
  • Structural bioinformatics and structural biology of apoptosis
  • Neurobiophysics: synaptic mechanisms of the pathogenesis of diseases of the central nervous system.
Human, animal and plant immunology
  • Fundamental bases of immunology, allergology, and immunobiotechnology, mechanisms of functioning of the immune system of humans, animals, and plants
  • Development of biomedical cell products on the base of immune cells (dendritic cells, T-, B-lymphocytes and natural killers) and methods of providing medical care with their use for the treatment of oncological, autoimmune and infectious diseases
  • Genetic modification of immunocompetent cells for subsequent use in cellular immunotherapy
  • Methods for diagnosing the state of the immune system of humans and animals
  • Neuroimmunology: immunopathogenesis of mental, neurological and neurodegenerative diseases
  • Development of methods for diagnosing food, pollen, insect and drug allergies, and intolerances
Medical cell technologies
  • Development of methods of treatment and medical prevention of human diseases using biomedical cell products.
  • Approbation, implementation, and practical implementation of innovative treatment methods using cell technologies, development of new methods for assessing the effectiveness of cell therapy.
  • Provision of high-tech types of medical services on a paid basis using cellular technologies.
  • Advisory assistance to healthcare organizations and scientific medical organizations of the Republic of Belarus on the use of biomedical cell products.
  • Development of new generation vaccines against essential infectious diseases.
  • Development of methods for diagnosing and preventing viral infections of a new generation. Creation of microchips, biosensors, test systems for rapid diagnosis of diseases of viral etiology.
  • Development and introduction into practice of new methods for diagnosing the state of immunity in viral infections. The study of markers of the course and prognosis of infectious diseases.
  • Study of molecular mechanisms of immunopathogenesis of viral infections.
  • Molecular genetic and phylogenetic analysis of viruses circulating in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
  • Preclinical evaluation of drugs, including candidates in in vitro experiments.
  • Development of targeted delivery of new generation therapeutic drugs using nanomaterials.
  • Development of biological nanochips for the diagnosis of diseases.
  • Study of biocompatible nanomaterials with a wide spectrum of activity for the creation of biomedical cellular products, artificial organs, fundamentally new materials with antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory activity.
Genomic technologies
  • Development of protocols for obtaining improved biomedical cell products with therapeutically useful features and properties.
  • Development of protocols for targeted editing of the genome of cells with different differentiation potential in order to create biomedical cell products of a new generation.
  • Development of gene therapy and cell-free drugs, created based on the secretory activity of cultured cells.
  • Study of molecular-cellular mechanisms of differentiation and genetic reprogramming of stem and progenitor cells.
  • Creation of personalized cellular test systems for the development of innovative protocols for the treatment of genetically determined human diseases.
Structural bioinformatics
  • Determination of the structures of proteins and their complexes in silico. Establishment of the structures of protein complexes with low molecular weight organic compounds.
  • Modeling of intracellular signaling processes.
  • Structurally based design of new generation drugs, development of innovative targeted anticancer and antiviral drugs using methods of structural bioinformatics
  • Synthesis of targeted drugs and their testing under in vitro conditions.
Products and services
our products
  • Cell therapy
  • Immuno-s and allergodiagnostics
  • Algology
  • Biomedical Cell Products
Cell therapy
Cell therapy

Since 2004, the Institute of Biophysics and Cell Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has been conducting systemic studies of stem cells. The main areas of research: intercellular interactions during the proliferation and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells, the mechanisms of stem cell differentiation into certain types of cells under in vitro culture conditions, the development of biomedical cell products based on stem cells, cryostorage (cryopreservation) of cells and biomaterial

Immuno-s and allergodiagnostics
Immuno-s and allergodiagnostics

laboratory of immunodiagnostics is a modern laboratory base for conducting wide specter of immunological researchers of human and animal development of new methods of diagnostic, treatment and precaution


Since the 60s of the last century research in the field of algology has been carried out at the Institute of Biophysics and Cell Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. A cycle of fundamental research was carried out, which made it possible to develop a low-cost technology for obtaining a suspension of chlorella, recommendations for use of a suspension of chlorella in agricultural production for feeding animals and poultry were issued, samples of an LED illuminator optimized for growing a suspension of chlorella were developed, microalgae as an effective producer of molecular hydrogen were identified

Biomedical Cell Products
Biomedical Cell Products

Since 2004, the Institute of Biophysics and Cell Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has been conducting systemic research on stem cells. Based on the accumulated experience and global trends in the development of cell technologies, in 2010 the Institute created a production base for obtaining standardized cell transplants with high functional characteristics and organized the production of biomedical cell products (BMCP), which meets international GMP standards. Biomedical cell products - transplant material obtained on the basis of human cells, with the exception of embryonic, fetal, and hematopoietic stem cells, genetically modified human cells. Currently, the Institute produces 4 certified BMKP out of 8 registered by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, being the leading commercial supplier. Cooperation with healthcare organizations in need of BMCP is implemented in the form of business contracts for their production and supply. The Institute has developed logistic algorithms that make it possible to organize the supply of these high-tech products to almost any healthcare organization in the country, as well as for export.


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